Thanks for the warm welcome. It was a fun time!
Yes, We will be live tonight - Club Troppo live from Tatooine!
Happy New Year! Thank you all for your support in the past. We hope to keep seeing you in the coming year!
On swtor listening to your channel and gotta say its awesome guys
My new manager is loving the show tonight! Shes gunna tune in every Sunday night

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It is with a very sad heart that I have to inform you that there will not be any Drexel shows for at least a week or two, I will update further here when I can.

2018 has not started at all well for me.. a severe electrical storm on Jan 1 has knocked out my internet for atleast a week.

The next day, while doing a little yard work at home.. my sole companion of 3 years, Bindi -  my little Fox Terrier... was struck by a car before my eyes. She didn't suffer, but the loss of her has hit me out of the park.. I am travelling interstate to see my family for a week or so..  

I'll see you all when I get back..

Yeah.. Happy New Fricken Year....


R.I.P   "BINDI"   Oct 2014 - Jan 2018

Dreddwolf *Sends Hugs and Love* I'm so sorry for you loss, hon. It's never easy to lose family like this. Take all the t...
The Ginger Pirate Ohhhh, no, Dyna. Sending good thoughts and positive energy to you.
Jen :( Awww. Dyna, I'm so sorry to hear about your dog Bindi. *gives hugs stickers* I do hope the time away helps.

Happy New Year!

Pasiphae Darkphyre a posted Jan 1, 18

Another year has gone and a new one is beginning. We have been extremely lucky to have all of you dancing with us in the past months. It is all about making friends, having fun and sharing music; we have enjoyed every moment of it.

We sent out the old year in style, with 18hrs of music and welcomed in the new year surrounded by friends. Dynamiks, myself and our staff would like to thank you for sharing your game time with us, for all of your kind words of encouragment and for filling our dance floor with all of your beautiful faces. We hope that you will continue to join us for many new years to come. 

This Life Day season saw us visited by Dyna Claus, three very stylish elves, a super-sized tree and the Drexel bartenDEER, Szcyona! 

We had so much fun and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the best Life Day gift of all... your company.

From our family to yours, Happy Holidays!

Last night was our first party on the newly formed server of The Star Forge. After having a few nights off, we were so glad to get back to bringing you the beats! The crowd was gorgeous and the music was amazing. Thanks goes out to some of our staff members: Ëvie, Szcyona, Jenge and K'orriscant who were there greeting the party goers, running ads on all the planets and dazzling us with their matching outfits! Also, a very big thank you goes out to all of the folks who tuned in and covered our dance floor. We couldn't do this without any of you guys. Here is to many more fantastic parties to come! 

Halloween was a blast! The Music of the Night was a huge success and we would like to thank all of you who listened in and who stopped by to see us. All of your costumes were amazing! We had so much fun and you made our favorite time of the year even better by sharing it with us. We love you guys!

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