Thanks for the warm welcome. It was a fun time!
Yes, We will be live tonight - Club Troppo live from Tatooine!
Happy New Year! Thank you all for your support in the past. We hope to keep seeing you in the coming year!
On swtor listening to your channel and gotta say its awesome guys
My new manager is loving the show tonight! Shes gunna tune in every Sunday night
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As the heading states folks, I have been strugglin with my health the last weeks, and the end of that struggle is still not quite in sight..  I hate not being able to provide the regular listeners with my shows, but live shows are off the table for the time being.  Watch this space for further updates.


Szcyona We hope that you feel better soon, Dyna. *Hugs* You just focus on your well being and keeping that little lady of yours ...

Issues are still being resolved and therefore tonight's show has been cancelled. Please continue to be patient and thank you for your support. Keep an eye here on the site and I will update you all as soon as I can.

There will not be a show tonight. We are working as hard as we can to get back to you and to the music, but we have a little way left to go. We will be back and hopefully soon, but until we are, thank you for being patient. Be safe and be good to each other. 

There will not be a show tonight. Unfortunately, things in real life are keeping us from the music and your wonderful company. Keep an eye out here on the site for information on when our next party will be.

Thank you so much for being patient and for continuing to support us. We will be back with you as soon as we possibly can. Until then, be safe and be good to each other.

Szcyona I'm sorry to hear that real life duties are interfering with your desires. *Hugs Pasi and Dyna* I hope the both of ...

April 29 Show CANCELLED

Dynamiks a posted Apr 29, 18

Due to circumstances beyond our control, there will not be a show tonight. We appreciate your patience with us, as we deal with some real life issues that are keeping us from the music. We hope to be back in top form really soon, but until we see you again; dance, have fun, be safe and be good to each other.